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The Real Emo

Uploaded by ashxrawr in category Avatars

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monsterwearingboxers writes:

....*deep breath*
Right, as long as you are alive you will have a label.
You are human, you are male/female/both/neither, you're straight/gay/bi/ace/pan/trans/whatever else, you're black/white/other and what you do in life makes you the person you will be when you are old and dying.
Hang on, you'll even be labeled after death, how silly of me, you with be DEAD.
But hey, being labeled is not as bad as you'd think, you can now easily tell someone what you like these days without wasting your breath, like this...

Hello, I'm a girl, I'm into gothic stuff and I'm a cutter, I'm dating an emo and he's bi, he doesn't cut his wrists but I do.

Simple! *takes a bow, sips beer*

regularjane writes:

Emo is a label, so by calling yourself emo, you are labeling yourself, and labels are related to stereotypes. If you don't want to be stereotyped, don't call yourself emo and get a real personality.

ashxrawr writes:

i did this when i was 12 guys calm your fkn balls haha, emo is just a stupid stereotype .

bearbear<3 writes:

and thats the defintion of emo guys-not what they say in the graphic.

miss.murder. writes:

someone at school saw i had a couple cuts on my arm (that i didn't make) and called me emo. and so i told him off and told him about the real definition of "emo." and he was quiet after that... >:P

evanescensoula writes:

Guys, sorry to tell you that, but emo IS a label. It's not a music genre. neither is goth. nor is scene. So next time you talk about emo, YOU should learn what emo is first. And emo DOES mean cutting my wrists, always being sad and emotional, love death and all that stuff, because that is a kind of lifestyle. Emo is also a way of dressing. I'm not hate emos, I have no reason to do that, I just feel the need to convince people that they can't change the definition of the meaning of a word just because they don't want to be called freaks or whatever. And emos ARE freaks, and I'm not saying that with a bad purpose. It depends on you to accept yourself and have the nerve to say: "Yes, I'm an emo and I look like a freak, so what?"

deadchikz writes:

emo does not have to mean you cut your wrist:)

but I'm sooo tired of labels..........


emolisciousxxx writes:

Lawl... Finally someones actualleh SAID IT...
Tbh, i think yuu aer soooo right!
Awnd gurd awn yuu furr actuualleh speaking alawd...
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