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anti miley

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Idc about her anymore. lawl. I still dont like her, and you babies need to stfu

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killingtime writes:

Her real name's Destiny something. She only did what the production required. Old Miley (actor debut as HannahMontana) had a family. You people are probably her familys fans.
She can sing, can't she?

s c o u r g e writes:

she's just a human being...you seriously don't need to bash fans...

proudfreak writes:

I love dis. I hate her. She used to be okay but now... Just ugh Disney needs to drop teenage girls forever.

tathie writes:

I remember when Miley Cyrus was Hannah Montanna.I never liked Miley that much to be her fan,but i know she wanted to grow up,not to stay stuck at Disney forever,and i thought she would really grow up be a mature person.But no.She turned in to a slut.I mean sticking her tounge out like a dog or a goat?Wearing clothes that maker half naked showing her boney body.Trying to be like the other popstars.She turned her self in to a monster just so she can be popular.No wonder why Liam Hemsworth broke up with her.

realistic opinionator writes:

When I saw this, I remember when she was just a normal star.

I never knew why people hated her so much. Just because her teeth aren't the best and because she has nude photos? Take a look at the whores nowadays like Vanessa Hudgens and Taylor Swift. They have dozens of porn photos. Not to mention a million ex's, like in Taylor's case. Vanessa has grown into a little prostitute dressing like a swagfag. And Miley? She was NOTHING compared to them.

Until I saw her now.

God, she is and was a F*CKING SLUT when I saw her at those VMA/MTV awards. First;

- she was dressed in latex like a bloody tart,
- she couldn't keep her horrid tounge in her mouth,
- she probably was drunk when she went on stage,
- her hair doesn't suit her at all,
- she tries too hard to fit in with the rest of the talentless swaggots like Sean Paul in the media,
- her tounge, not to mention, was disgusting,
- she kept on rubbing her curveless ass on Robin Thicke,
- her tounge kept on hanging out of her,
- she still didn't put her tounge back in,
- she danced like a whore and
- her horse teeth seriously showed.

Not to mention her banana like body with hardly any tits or junk in her butt. She looked like a...

Prostitute Dog with it's Tounge Hanging Out dressed like a Bondage Failiure with Goat-like Tits and Goat-like Mouth.

So from now on, let's call her a typical PDTHOBFGTGM.

Sorry to the Miley fans out there, but is THIS a great role model for kids? Get your facts straight. There's nothing great about her anymore. She is in no means beautiful, sexy, smart, funny, witty, clever, stylish, talented or indeed, DA BEST SINGA AND ROLE MODELZ IN LE UNIVERSE!!!!!1111.

And to those faggots that keep on saying us 'haters' are 'JeAlOuS' - what should we be 'jealous' about? Her prettyless face? Her figurless body? Her talentless voice? Her unreal pole dancing skills? SHE DOES IT FOR THE F*CKING FAME. WE DON'T CARE ABOUT HER FAME, FOR IT'S DRASTICALY DECREASING!
Every artist who has self-respect doesn't do these things. I think she is just one step behind saint Bieber, who is a godly reminder of how NOT to end up in life.

Thank you, fangirls may rage. :)

xxsowhatxx writes:


sunnii writes:

I don't like it..: ( I like Miley

goldylocks writes:

you guys are so rude :| she's just a human being ... a normal girl... just like all of you.
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