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anti hsm

Uploaded by dogggirl in category Clipart

This image is copyrighted by dogggirl. I SUPPORT THE HATERS!!!

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♥soccer♥babe♥club♥ writes:

Disney changed now, and i don't like it.only some shows but not all of them.most of the mare boring.i like the OLD disney better!SAY I IF YOU LIKE THE OLD DISNEY!

♥soccer♥babe♥club♥ writes:

Why do people need to make graphics like this?
such as: antimiley,anti.vanessa.anti.demi.anti hsm....
urrgg..those people just don't understand the feeling of your photo or name with an X mark or any signs of saying no.
what if it's their photo having the "no" marks.?
if you hate something an artists or a band or etc. you really don't need to make a graphic like this..and you know that many people can see it. because someday you will realize that you don't really hate them..just some parts of them..but actually you don't really hate them..
why do people make graphics like this?oh SHUSH your baby crys!they make those images to prove that they hate it and to put on their profile!we DO understand our feelings of the photo because we do it on purpose!we do it on purpose to prove and let people know that they hate whatever they hate!and i hate miley cyrus and i will nvr EVER like her!she racist and i don't like racist people!and she's a pervert, not a good rolemodel, and a innapropiate bitch!i really DO hate them!and besides this graphic dosen't have a X or no!just fuck off!if you like HSM then don't leave a comment of baby whines saying,"Stop making fun of HSM!", or, "You don't know how they feel right now so you better stop!", or any kinda comment like that!so jsut don't leave a comment if you like the freakin HSM!

<--s!ko_bullet--> writes:

Hell yaeh!
Fucking disney channel with all the shit...

s n i f f y ^.^ writes:

Well if they LOVE to HATE something than fair enough. Added it to my gaia shop yo!

oppalossa writes:

Actually, I hate HSM cuz its like the stupidest, most pintless movies ever.

chipeelol writes:

strongly disagree!

abhielovespatrick writes:

** kimshie.luv writes:
U just hate it cosz ur not them !
You also don't understand the movie !
Ur maybe just sooo INSECURE !

-♥- INSECURE ??!!!! ohh my !! insecure OF WHAT ?!! of their fame ??!! heller !! duhh !! nana gabriela's right !! WHO WOULD REALLY WANT TO BE ONE OF THEM ??!! maybe you kimshie ..

** nana gabriela writes:
omg. who would want to be one of those? o_O honestly, they suck :|

-♥- yea !!! you're right !!! :D actually i love this graphic !! :D

polly96 writes:

hahaha!! love it!! i hate hsm

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